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Prolong Fuel Injector Cleaner

$20.50 incl GST

Prolong Fuel Injector Cleaner

$20.50 incl GST

Fuel Injector Cleaner from Prolong Super Lubricants is designed to return engines to peak performance by removing carbon deposits from injector tips and maximizing the fuel spray pattern.

?Prolong Fuel Injector Cleaner thoroughly cleans injector tips and intake valves that can cause misfiring and poor gas mileage,? said Jeff Victer, domestic/international sales manager, Prolong.??Our advanced cleaning formula restores the fuel spray pattern so users can enjoy quick, efficient starts and improved fuel economy.?
Compatible with all grades of gasoline, Prolong Fuel Injector Cleaner helps maximize the air/fuel mixture to optimize power.

To use the product, pour the contents into a nearly-empty gas tank and fill.?It treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline and should be used when misfiring or reduced mileage is detected.

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