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934 Micro Stub Brake Kit


934 Micro Stub Brake Kit.

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Product Description

This kit comes ready for fab-in installation. In this kit you will find x2 micro stubs, x2 center caps, x2 hub/bearing assemblies, x2 wheel adapters 5×205, x2 caliper mounting brackets, x2 brake rotor/hat assemblies, x2 brake calipers, x2 axle nuts, x4 3/8-24 x2 bolts, x4 3/8 flat washers, x4 3/8 lock washers, x10 chrome 14mm lug nuts, x10 open end 14mm lug nuts, x6 12mm socket screws, x6 12mm lock washers, x2 cotter pins, x4 socket screws 10-24, x2 thrust washers, x4 brake pads, x12 CV bolts.

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 25 cm


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